District Instructor

Thomas Haber

My Brothers, I am honored to be sitting as the 2024 – 2025 District Instructor for the 23rd Masonic District of FL. To be found worthy of working for the Committee on Work has long been a dream of mine. I hope to serve our District honorably, as a teacher and mentor to improve the Ritual work of our Brothers. I have always enjoyed working with our Ritual, and I hope I can help our Brothers learn to perform our Ritual with the respect and dignity due to our Fraternity.

The goal of our MWGM Cowart is to improve the Ritual work of all our Lodges, and he has asked his DI’s to attend all our District Lodges often. As I have throughout my history here in the 23rd District I will travel extensively next year, visiting every Lodge for several Stated Communications and Degrees whenever possible. There are new Grand Lodge requirements for me to provide a grade (1 being poor and 5 being Degree Team proficient) during each of my Lodge visits, to provide the MWGM information on the strength of our Lodges. Be prepared to see me in your Lodges taking notes. For those of you asking yourselves now if I am allowed to do that; yes, I have verified that I can do that because I know what to write and what not to write, but feel free to confirm that with the Zone Chair of the Committee on Work, R:.W:. Barry Hart

There is a continued desire from the FL Grand Lodge to provide our Brothers with ample opportunities to show their proficiency in our Ritual work by obtaining Ritual Cards from the Committee on Work. I hold the necessary Proficiency Cards to allow me to take your Proficiency Card give-back in any private location; like in an anteroom before a meeting when I visit your Lodges. The only exceptions to this are the EA Lecture and anyone providing their final giveback for the Gold Card, who must meet with the Zone Chairman of the Committee on Work, R:.W:. Barry Hart. I will work with you all as much as possible to make myself available for Proficiency givebacks. Improving your proficiency will help your Lodges, but just as importantly the young Brothers watching and learning from you deserve to see you putting in as much effort as we expect from them when learning their Catechisms

Every man sitting in a Lodge room diligently learned and returned his Catechisms in front of his Brothers to earn the right to sit next you now as a Master Mason. There would be nothing more disheartening to a newly Raised Master Mason who worked hard to learn his Catechisms, than watching his Lodge Officers poorly performing the Opening and Closing Ritual work he was told was one of our important landmarks. I would submit to you that any Brother performing or teaching our Ritual work should remember they have an obligation to become as proficient in their Ritual as we would expect from our Degree candidates who we allow to progress.

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