District Deputy Grand Master

Justin Broome

        My brothers, it is truly an honor to sit as the District Deputy Grandmaster for the Magnificent 23rd Masonic district for the ensuing year. I am so proud of how hard we have worked to come together in the past years to be one solid unified District. Helping each other in ritual work and being there for each other in times of need and prosperity is the cornerstone of our craft, and we are excelling at it. So this year I would like us to continue that trend and become even stronger than ever before.
        I would like to see us get out into our communities more and get involved in community events. Connect with them on a personal level and show them what it truly means to be a mason. Show them the meaning of Faith, Hope, and Charity and the unmeasurable amount of good that we are all capable of. 
        The key points that our MWGM Don Cowart wants us to focus on are LEADERSHIP, COMMITMENT, AND ACCOUNTABILITY. These three principles are needed in every lodge to run correctly, cohesively, and responsibly. And when you think about it these things are needed in our everyday lives to better us as men and Masons. Without leadership we would never accomplish the many undertakings we are tasked with everyday, without commitment all things would not be seen to their proper and intended end, and without accountability noone would be able to learn and change themselves for the better. I ask you brothers to help me strengthen our district this year by using these principles and encouraging your brothers to do the same. But it all starts with the man in the mirror. We need to hold strong to these ideas and apply them to ourselves first and foremost, this way we can learn and teach each other to be better men and masons together.
        Looking forward to a great year my brothers and I am so proud to serve you all. May the Great Architect of the Universe bless you and your families, and find you in his favor by the measure of your good works.
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